Part-timers usually do not pay any taxes.

Q: One of our part-timers, who is on an F visa, is asking for a raise because she said she’s having to pay too many taxes since she has a full-time job teaching at a university and another part-time job teaching … Read More

My hagwon boss told me not to worry about the taxes and…. yesterday I received 3m krw tax bill

Q: If it’s okay, I had a question regarding the tax office.  When I first came to Korea in 2013, my hagwon boss told me not to worry about the taxes and that the employer usually takes care of it.  But … Read More

Is tax different when married

Tax rate and Marriage Hi Christie, Firstly a quick clarification – I am thinking of switching to Spouse visa (F-6) from employment visa (E-7). Would that have any tax implications since I have in Korea for less than 5 years … Read More

Part-time staff in Korea – Benefits of Hiring Part-time vs Full Time

 Top 3 Benefits of Hiring Part-time staff in Korea   Three types of employment in Korea which are common: regular worker, freelancer, part-timer. Part-timers are often used for a light duty work on a small time basis. Here, I focus on … Read More

Korea Wire Transfer Limits? Question & Answer

Korea Wire Transfer Limits [International Wire Transfers] QUESTION: Is there a limit on how much I can transfer overseas from Korea as a foreigner before I have to report it? Hello Christie I have a quick question regarding international wire … Read More

Lump-sum National pension refund when leaving Korea

Lump-sum National pension refund when leaving Korea. ‪#‎NationalPension‬ ‪#‎Socialsecurity‬ ‪#‎selfemploymenttax‬ ‪#‎pensionrefund‬ ‪#‎immigration‬ My American friend Jame had to take care of a lot of things (family, house etc.) while moving back to USA and forgot about the pension he contributed … Read More

Most Effective Ways to Setup a Foreign Company in Korea

Q: My family has precision tool business in the UK and I wish to have an affiliate in Korea. What is best way to form? Subsidiary or Branch? ANSWER: If you wish to set up a legal entity that is … Read More

Business Startup School – November 2015

The Seoul Global Center is kicking off it’s business startup school again, and I’ll be teaching the tax portion. This is a great lecture series for anyone who wants to know how to startup a business in Korea.

Free Tax Seminar at Seoul Global Center 16 October! (Korean)

Hello everyone, I will give basic Korean tax seminar (in Korean) at Seoul Global Center on 16th of October. This seminar is usually done in English but this time the target audiences are non-English speaking foreigners. Those who are interested … Read More

Sign Up for Business Startup School!

The business startup school organized by the Seoul Global Center is accepting applications for its next term starting in September. This is a program I have participated in as an instructor for a few years now, and I will make … Read More