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  • Four traits of awesome accountants
  • Korean Commercial Realestate – Demystified

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Ms Lee also has a good understanding of expatriate requirements and the difficulties that can arise with working in South Korea.

For example, my wife and I had to make filings in the UK, HK, the US and South Korea. Ms Lee understood and assisted with this.

Christie saved me a lot of hassle by making sure I registered my company as VAT exempt.

Hiring her has been one of the smartest and most rewarding business decisions I’ve made.

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As a foreigner trying to run a business in Korea, you face countless challenges. You probably have a lot of questions, too. Christie has been working with expats since 1998, so she is well aware of your frustrations, fears, and confusion.


You will learn about:

Cost and Tax Savings

  • How I saved my client  19,278,000 KRW during their very first consultation
  • How certain businesses can avoid paying any Korean taxes
  • How to accelerate your business startup while cutting costs
  • Exactly which business expenses are deductible?
  • Can you deduct rent for a home office as a business expense? How about a business trip combined with a family vacation?
  • The hidden costs of full-time employees
  • How to become VAT-exempt
  • How to save 50% on accounting fees and the best month to switch accountants

Structuring Your Business 

  • How to pay yourself as a CEO/Owner (Salary, bonus or dividends)
  • Cashing out and the smart way to take your profits back home
  • Why lawyers may not have setup your business to be tax-efficient (Don’t worry I can fix it)
  • How to prevent emotional investment from destroying your business

Avoid Audits

  • Learn why and how the Korean Tax Office monitors your sales to net income ratio
  • Why you should hire the best accountant and learn accounting yourself
  • The crucial difference between the Korean NTS and US IRS; why this is important even for non-Americans

Processing Payments (How to get paid)

  • What are cash receipts? Are they worth collecting?
  • Does my business need to issue cash receipts?
  • How are Korean invoices different?

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