Startup Tax Accountants in Korea

Creating or managing a startup in a non-English speaking country can be confusing or difficult for non-native Korean speakers. Unfortunately, many regulations and guides on the Korean tax environment are not written in English.

Hana Tax and Christie Lee CPA are particularly experienced in helping both foreign, non-Korean speakers and local startups manage their:

  • Business setup
  • Bookkeeping and financial management
  • Tax administration
  • Manage VAT obligations
  • Routine filings
  • Tax planning and strategy
  • Repatriation or payroll taxes
  • Strategic introductions to allied professional services, such as financial service providers or business network connections

Why Hana Tax

As a group, Hana Tax focuses on providing tax and financial management solutions with a primary focus on customer service, with an almost solid 5.0-star recommendation rate on Google and Facebook reviews:

To contact our English speaking team or speak directly with Christie Lee, CPA, contact us at +82 2 2009 1682