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Tax and Accounting Services

Christie Lee and the Hana Tax international team focus on providing tax and accounting services for non-Korean speakers in Korea and abroad. This includes expats, foreigners and international companies.

Personal Taxes

Advice and filings for Korean and US taxes. (Income tax & Capital gains tax & Gift tax & Inheritance tax, etc.)

Business Taxes

Corporation income tax (and Yearend closing), Value Added tax (VAT), Payroll tax and registering employees on social insurances.

Company Setup

Advice on which type of entity to choose. Explain the pros and cons of each entity for your business goal.

Payroll Administration

Advice and support on being compliant with Korean labor laws and make sure that your payroll and social insurances are managed correctly in Korea.

Tax Consulting

Have questions for your tax documents for your visa? Unsure of your tax situation? Meet with Christie for a friendly, practical consultation on your Korean and US tax situation.



Best for businesses with less than KRW 50million in annual sales.(개인사업자)

Yearly income tax return

VAT filing

Good for a small team or solo founder

2-hour consultation/month



Best for companies with less than KRW 100 million in annual sales.
(개인사업자, 법인사업자)

Yearly income tax return

Quarterly VAT filing

Payroll (tax / 4 insurances)(5 employees max)

3-hour consultation/month


Suitable for enterprise and multi-national clients.

Yearly income tax return

Quarterly VAT filing

Payroll (tax / 4 insurances)

Bookkeeping & Accounting

Cash management service

Tax optimization scenario

Proactive consultation and prioritized support

Tax optimization scenari

Consultation (General or Advanced)

Advice and guidance for understanding tax strategies, problem solving and setup.

Tax questions both personal & business

General blueprint and steps to address an issue/problem

Good for those just getting started

Opportunity to get information for further research