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Hana Tax and Christie Lee CPA can help you prepare and file your US tax returns from our Seoul office in Korea. This is especially helpful for American Koreans in Korea, or US citizens living in Korea.

Who We Help

We can help:

  • People with US citizenship
  • US citizens living in Korea

Which US citizens have to file a tax while abroad?

United States citizens are required to file tax returns, whether they are in the United States or abroad, and to report their worldwide incomes.

There is an exception to this requirement where a US person’s income is below the standard deduction of $12,400.00 USD (As of 2020) for a single person.

Types of Tax Filings We Prepare

Hana Tax can provide all types of US tax filings, including:

  • Single reports
  • Married filing jointly
  • Married filing separately as individuals
  • Head of household
  • Qualified widows and widowers

Besides regular US income tax returns, we also handle FBAR, FATCA and Streamlined-filing-compliance-procedures.

When do I need to file taxes?

The regular tax return deadline is April 15th, excluding foreign residents who have until June 15th.

Note: Currently the regular deadline in 2021 has been extended to May 17th due to the coronavirus crisis.

You can apply for an extension to add an additional 4 months to your tax return deadline, for a final deadline of October 15th.

Get Started

To request help with your US taxes, please contact us or request an appointment here.

Please note that we currently do not provide US tax services for corporations.