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Salary income settlement & Tax saving tips

Thanks to the great support of Itaewon GVC team, I was able to cover all the material I prepared and also receive real-time questions during my webinar yesterday. This is my third online webinar hosted by Seoul Global Seoul Global-Center or Seoul Global Village Center.#itaewonGlobalVillageCenter #외국인과세금 #onlineseminar #foreigner #taxsaving #seoul

Tax saving tips (increasing your bottom line)

For the salary income earner, yearly salary income tax reconciliation (which is done by the company early next year) is one of the biggest financial events. The company handles the reconciliation, but the employee needs to provide their own deductions (to maximize the refund). Recently the government portal Hometax (www.hometax.go.kr) released 2019 tax reconciliation calculator, … Read more