Korean Company & Business Setup

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Hana Tax and our professional alliances can help foreigners who are deciding to open and operate their business in Korea. We are able to assist with:

  • Korean incorporation (type of corporations listed below)
  • Korean self employment registration
  • Contractor registrations and tax planning

      *[FDI] LLC or Limited Companies

        (유한회사 or yu-han hwe-sa)

       *[FDI] Corporation or Stock Companies

        (주식회사 or joo-shik hwe-sa)

       *[FDI] Partnership Companies

        (합명회사 or hap-myeong hwe-sa)

       *[FDI] Limited Liability Companies

        (유한책임회사 or “yuhan chaekim hwe-sa)

       *[FDI] Limited Liability Partnership

        (합자조합 or hap-ja johap”)

       *[FDI] Limited Partnership Companies

        (합자회사 or hap-ja hwe-sa)