Part-time staff in Korea – Benefits of Hiring Part-time vs Full Time

 Top 3 Benefits of Hiring Part-time staff in Korea  

Three types of employment in Korea which are common:

  1. regular worker,
  2. freelancer,
  3. part-timer.

Part-timers are often used for a light duty work on a small time basis. Here, I focus on a part-timer working less than 60 hours for less than 2 month period.

Benefits of Hiring a Part-Time Staff Member in Korea

Benefit 1. No tax needs to be paid when the daily pay is below 137,000 won per day. (Which can be around 3,900,000 won per month if you worked almost 30 days a month)

Benefit 2. No insurances to be paid if your working hours are less than 60 hours per month

Benefit 3. Can apply for Government subsidy of 130,000 won per month as “일자리안정자금”

The company hiring a part-timer for the monthly pay below 1,900,000 won can apply for Government subsidy of 130,000 won with some conditions.