My hagwon boss told me not to worry about the taxes and…. yesterday I received 3m krw tax bill

Q: If it’s okay, I had a question regarding the tax office.  When I first came to Korea in 2013, my hagwon boss told me not to worry about the taxes and that the employer usually takes care of it.  But now I know 2017 was the first year I was registered.  Is the tax office only interested in foreign taxes from 2016 to present or should I worry that I need to file for more back taxes?

I worked for E**K from 2015 to 2017 as well as a different afterschool company in 2014.  2010-early 2014 were at other hagwons.

I’m worried because I can’t afford that much in back taxes, but I want to be in good standing with the tax office/Korean government so I know I can continue to work and live here without any problems.

Thank you so much,
A: I don’t think your hagwon boss deceived you. If you were full time worker (employee who has salary income), the hagwon (or the compay( takes care of your taxes.
However, when you moved to other places, I guess you worked as a freelancer.
In such case, you need to file your own tax return on May next year.