Working remotely and Taxes

Q: My husband and I live in Singapore (both of us are Singaporian) and he got a job offer from a Korean company. We both plan to move to Korea late this year and I asked my employer if I can work remotely, meaning that I will be based in Korea but continue to work for my company based in Singapore.- If my company says yes, do I need to pay tax in Korea (and Singapore as well)?- Would I need to get a working visa for this?

A: Hello Kay, Thanks for your inquiry. If you are working in Korea, yes you need to pay Korean income tax for the compensation you receive for your work. If you need to file a Singapore tax return (as a non-resident of Singapore), the taxes you paid in Korea will be treated as “Foreign Tax Credit” or you may deduct foreign tax expenses.

I believe you will need a working visa in Korea to legally work and report taxes in Korea.
On a different note, you would also need to consider social insurance implications (health insurance, National pension, etc.) when you will report your income in Korea.