Join February’s Online Tax Seminar with Itaewon Global Village Center

[FREE] Annual Tax Return Seminar from 7 pm to 9pm, Feb 16 (Wed day)

For the month of February, Itaewon Global Village Center plans for a seminar about “Income tax return” to help foreign freelancers (independent contractors) file their taxes.

Itaewon Global Village Center is a government agency under the management of Yongsan District Office and Seoul Metropolitan Government. Itaewon Global Village Center was established to help foreigners living in Seoul with difficulties they may face and to facilitate understanding between foreigners and Koreans.

The Center’s goal is to help foreigners live comfortably in Korea by providing services and programs that will help them adapt to Korean life and understand Korean culture and I am very proud to be a part of this amazing organization.

So, come and join the FREE tax seminar (7 pm to 9 pm, February 16 (Wed) and learn the ins and outs of taxes in Korea.
This online seminar will actively engage the audience through receiving the Q&A first, so come get your questions about Korean taxes answered!

For you to register, please send your name, nationality, and phone number in Korea to

Please note that spots are limited and the webinar is almost full so please sign up now.

We are unable to receive any inquiries until May 31,2024. Please join the waiting list after June 1st, 2024.