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Korea is a fast-growing market for established and emerging technology companies in the areas of applications, IT infrastructure, cloud computing, fintech, and marketplaces.

Tax accounting and financial management of these technology businesses in Korea can provide strategic benefits with planned correctly. Hana Tax are able to help clients to access these opportunities in Korea as well as provide the following services:

  • Business structuring
  • Financial planning
  • Tax preparation and filings
  • Bookkeeping and financial management
  • Tax administration
  • Manage VAT obligations
  • Tax planning and strategy
  • Repatriation or payroll taxes
  • Strategic introductions to allied professional services, such as financial service providers or business network connections

Innovation Considerations

Hana Tax is also able to provide tax optimization planning. As part of this service, Hana Tax will analyze your business’ ideal tax structuring in situations where innovations are produced and commercialized.

Why Hana Tax

As a group, Hana Tax focuses on providing tax and financial management solutions with a primary focus on customer service, with an almost solid 5.0-star recommendation rate on Google and Facebook reviews:

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